We accept payment through PayPal. You can fund PayPal payments with a credit card or debit card, or with your bank account. When you pay with PayPal your card or bank details are never shared with us - they are seen only by PayPal.

You don't need to have a PayPal account to pay with PayPal. You can pay with PayPal as a 'guest'.

Please note that there is a minimum payment amount of $4.00 for PayPal payments.

Discount Codes:

If you have a discount code you can use it when you checkout to receive a discount on your order. Please note that you can only apply ONE discount code per order. Discount codes apply to eligible products only and do not apply to postage. Some items that are already reduced may not be eligible for further reductions via discount codes. This will usually be mentioned on the item description.

Please note that discount codes are valid for a limited time only. Discount codes that do not have a expiry date may be cancelled at any time and without prior notice, but if a code does have an expiry date we will not cancel that code before the advertised date. Please note that some codes may be valid for a limited number of uses or for a limited number of customers (for example, first ten buyers get 25% off). If you have a discount code we recommend using it as soon as possible.

Reward Points:

Reward points are earned when you purchase eligible items. They can be redeemed as payment (or partial payment) for future orders on this website. Reward points are only earned when you have a SunDrops account. If you are purchasing as a SunDrops 'guest' then your purchase will not earn reward points. Reward points cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be transferred between different SunDrops accounts.

If a purchase is cancelled for any reason or payment for a purchase is refunded for any reason (including refunds for returns), then any reward points gained from that purchase will be deducted from your SunDrops account.